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Mathemafrica is designed to be a blogging platform for bloggers writing about mathematics within Africa and those who are blogging about mathematics with relevance to Africa. We aim to be a multilingual, multiblogger platform, giving a voice to anyone who wants to discuss mathematics and a source of information and inspiration for anyone who would like to know how mathematics might be relevant to them.

Our Mission

Inspire young people, educate about the relevance of Mathematics in Africa, create a community, inform about the discoveries in and outside of Africa, give a show for case role models, write down the history of Mathematics in Africa, publicize events.

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Meet Our Team

Amanda Weltman
Amanda WeltmanBlogger
I am a theoretical physicist in the Mathematics and Applied Mathematics Department at the University of Cape Town in South Africa. My research focus is on the fundamental physics that underlies the nature of the Universe.
Tapiwa Chadenga
Tapiwa ChadengaBlogger
Tapiwa is currently studying mathematics and computer science at the University of Cape Town. He has particular interest in applications of mathematics in areas as diverse as finance, computer programming, particle physics and biology. Another of his interests is improving mathematics learning and teaching in Africa, as well as developing a culture of ‘scientific awareness’ within the continent.
Aidan Horn
Aidan HornBlogger
I study Maths and Public Administration at UCT, along with a variety of other social science subjects
Jonathan Shock
Jonathan ShockBlogger
Jonathan Shock is a lecturer in mathematics and physics at the University of Cape Town, South Africa. His background is in string theory and he has been living around the world, researching and teaching in four different continents for the last decade. He is passionate about education and outreach and bringing science to as many people as possible.
Amadou Tall
Amadou TallBlogger
Amadou Tall is the Academic Manager of AIMS-Senegal. He is a researcher in Number Theory and Cryptography. He is very passionate about education in Africa, developing the African continent through Mathematical sciences.
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