When Animals Dream: The Hidden World of Animal Consciousness, by David M. Peña-Guzmán – A review

NB. I was sent this book as a review copy.

From Princeton University Press

The links between dreams, consciousness and memory are absolutely fascinating. I had imagined that the insight that we could get into animal dreaming was limited to dogs running in their sleep and waking themselves up by banging, violently into a wall. However, there is so much more research on this topic than I was aware of. The signals that octopuses can provide to us as to their thoughts through their colouration, shape and texture is incredibly rich, and an entire narrative can seemingly be read off from these visual clues while they sleep. David clearly has some serious frustration with researchers who don’t want to make the leap to the conclusion that this is really dreaming in the way that we know it, but could simply be the animal running through stereotyped behaviour simulations, in an unconscious way.…