Intervarsity Mathematics Competition: SATMO 2015 – invite to all UCT undergraduate students

Hi everyone

Signing-up for the South African Tertiary Mathematics Olympiad has opened today, 23 April 2015. This Olympiad is a national intervarsity competition.

The competition is open to all undergraduate students, i.e., students enrolled at a university without having already received a degree and who have not been studying for more than four years.

As UCT undergraduate, you can e-mail me at to sign up and if you need information on regulations around the competition.


Mr. Ruan Moolman


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PassRateChallenge – A Thundafund initiative

Take a look at the PassRateChallenge video here and see how spreading materials to those who need them most can help mathematics students around the country.

The Thundafund page is here.

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Mathematics or dreams, which is more real?

Mathematics can sometimes seem dream-like, at least on first encounter. Later on, one gets
used to a new mathematical object, and it seems everyday. I remember how strange the idea of
a group was to me, how mysteriously it grew from three almost trivial axioms to a forest
of subgroups and quotient groups and equivalence classes and so on. Of the few dreams I
now recall, there was one with a huge hall full of people, perhaps a giant cave, and I was descending a long,
rickety staircase — or was I sliding down a cable? — feeling myself among a heretofore
completely unsuspected part of humanity, who perhaps nobody from above ground had ever seen.
Groups were a bit like that, and saying that a square had a symmetery group did not
make them appear any less unexpected.

Furthermore, dreams and mathematics have a lot in common—I mean here the dreams that
people, when awake, remember having had when asleep.…

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