So simple a beginning – How four physical principles shape our living world, by Raghuveer Parthasarathy – a review

NB. I was sent this book as a review copy.

From Princeton University Press


When a review on the back of a book says “Hands down the most beautiful book I’ve ever read.” my skeptical antennae go into action. This was either going to be absolutely brilliant, or sorely disappointing. Thankfully it is absolutely the former. Parthasarathy takes the reader on an insightful and intuitive journey through the world of biophysics, letting us see how physical laws lead to the wonder of biology at all scales of the organism (and beyond, though he only hints at this). I have read a fair number of books about genetics, but this gave without a doubt the most in-depth view as to what is really going on at the molecular level, about how randomness plays a crucial role, at the level of proteins moving around, at the level of lipid bilayers coallescing, and at the level of gene expression.…