Getting ideas into action: Statway and Quantway networked improvement communities

Siyaphumelela Conference 2017, The Wanders Club, Johannesburg 28 June 2017


Getting ideas into action: Statway and Quantway networked improvement communities

Bernadine Chuck Fong, Carnegie Math Pathways

Andre Freedman, Capital Community College

It’s an exciting time to be tackling problems that appear to be worldwide. The Carnegie Foundation is in California, home to many disruptive changes / technologies, e.g. Uber, Google.

An example of the problem: When asked which is bigger, a/5 or a/8 many students respond saying 8a = 5a so 8 = 5. For many, mathematics is about following algorithms and although they may pass algebra courses they can’t apply the knowledge.

Diagnostic tests can leave students feeling depressed, like they do not belong in higher education. A principle in the development of a disruptive transformation of mathematics in American colleges was to meet students where they are.

15% of students needing developmental maths complete the required college maths or stats course after 2 semesters.…

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Radically transforming mathematics learning experiences: Lessons from the Carnegie Math Pathways

Siyaphumelela Conference 2017, The Wanders Club, Johannesburg!


Carnegie Foundation Math Pathways Workshop 27 June 2017

Andre Freedman, Capital Community College, Connecticut

Bernadine Chuck Fong, Carnegie Math Pathways

Andre Freedman and Bernadine Chuck Fong

Workshop goals:

  • Learn about the design, goals, implementations of Carnegie Math Pathways
  • Experience Pathways lessons
  • Engage in design tasks to improve student success in maths and college
  • Engage in conversations about professional learning to address issues and concerns that are specific to local contexts

Staff had to learn new ways to teaching maths, there had to be ‘buy in’ for it to be successful. This is a great challenge.

How to radically transform outcomes for all mathematics students?

  • aim to get more student to complete maths courses and degrees
  • persistence (students don’t easily give up when challenged)
  • quality of learning (e.g. students can explain what a function is years after taking a maths course)
  • identities of learning (students see themselves as someone who can do maths).
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On the place of struggle within Mathematics – how to truly get rid of distractions

I have had a lot of conversations with students over the last couple of weeks which made me want to write this post. I apologise in advance that it will be rather long.

It’s also important to state that this message doesn’t hold for everyone, but it is worth seriously thinking about.

Many students recently have asked me about how to go through tutorials, and how to revise. They are finding that while they are sitting down for a long time with their tutorials, the tests still feel really hard.

To an important extent, technologies have changed the way we think and act over the last couple of decades. In many ways, things were easier in my day when we didn’t have so many technological distractions. Cellphones were rare when I was a student and smartphones were still over a decade away! There was no Facebook, or Youtube, or Instagram.…

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Lecturer/Senior lecturer position available in the UCT department of Maths and Applied Maths

The Department of Maths and Applied Maths at UCT has a position open at the level of lecturer or senior lecturer. The advert can be found here:


Applications in all areas of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics will be considered.

Minimum requirements include:

For the level of Lecturer:

  • A PhD (at the time of appointment) in Mathematics or Applied Mathematics or related areas.
  • A record of research outputs.
  • Postdoctoral and some teaching experience would be advantageous”

    For the level of Senior Lecturer:

  • A PhD in Mathematics or Applied Mathematics
  • An established track record of published research outputs.
  • Demonstrable teaching experience.
  • A record of postgraduate student supervision.

    Responsibilities include:

  • Teaching and developing undergraduate and postgraduate courses offered by the department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics.
  • Developing and pursuing an active research program, which includes student supervision.
  • Course convening, departmental and faculty administrative duties.

    The annual remuneration package for 2017, including benefits are:

  • Lecturer R592,451
  • Senior Lecturer R728,442

    To apply, please e-mail the documents listed below in a single pdf file to Ms Vathiswa Mbangi at

  • –  UCT Application Form (download at
  • –  Cover letter, and
  • –  Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • –  Teaching and Research statement

    An application which does not comply with the above requirements will be regarded as incomplete.

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