Sticky Post – Read this first. Categories and Links in Mathemafrica

The navigability of Mathemafrica isn't ideal, so I have created this post which might guide you to what you are looking for. Here are a number of different categories of post which you might like to take a look at: First year mathematics notes and resources (particularly for the University [...]

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Learn Wolfram Mathematica in the Cloud part 5

Let's do some list FU, a kind of Kung Fu with Wolfram language lists

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Wolfram Language, the Language of Mathematica is now Free!

The language that powers Mathematica is now available for free! Head here or here to read more about this new release. Or go straight to the download page to start tinkering with it.

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Learn Wolfram Mathematica in the cloud part 4

Diving deeper into lists

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Learn Wolfram Mathematica in the cloud part 3

Dipping into Lists

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Learn Wolfram Mathamatica Part 2

Today we see how to use Wolfram language as a Calculator using the Notebook environment

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Introduction to Wolfram Mathematica programming

Mathematica is becoming an indispensable tool for doing all kinds of computation and it is important to know how to use it as it will leverage your problem-solving skills, allowing you focus on higher level issues of modelling solutions rather than focusing too much on calculational details. I will be [...]

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Relativity, The Special and General Theory, 100th anniversary edition – by Albert Einstein

NB. I was sent this book as a review copy. From Princeton University Press. In 1917, two years after publishing his work on The General Theory of Relativity, Einstein published a popular science account of both The Special, and General Theories of relativity. It is with some embarrassment [...]

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Using Math To Tell A Lie

A more appropriate heading for this would be "How a logical truth can be a lexical lie", but hey, gotta have that clickbaity title. But nevertheless, I will frame this article as if I am addressing the title. Apparently, sociologists/psychologists classify lies with a three tier system; primary, secondary, and [...]

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Data Visualization, a practical introduction – by Kieran Healy, a review

NB. I was sent this book as a review copy. From Princeton University Press. I'm not an expert on the R programming language, but I have dabbled, which meant that while this book is perhaps aimed at slightly more advanced users (I've used it a half a dozen [...]

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Linear Algebra for the Memes

I recently saw a post on Quora asking what people generally find exciting about Linear Algebra, and it really took me back, since Linear Algebra was the first thing in the more modern part of mathematics that I fell in love with, thanks to Dr Erwin. I decided to write [...]

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