Sticky Post – Read this first. Categories and Links in Mathemafrica

The navigability of Mathemafrica isn't ideal, so I have created this post which might guide you to what you are looking for. Here are a number of different categories of post which you might like to take a look at: First year mathematics notes and resources (particularly for the University [...]

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A Whimsical Introduction to Graph Theory (1)

Part 1 - What are Graphs? Mathematics is full of fascinating ideas and concepts. These can, however, be very challenging to tackle and make sense of, especially when you are put under pressure to answer questions about them! In this post, and those to come, I hope to share some [...]

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e-day – A mathematical holiday celebrated on February 7th

Today, February 7th, 2018, is called e-day because e is approximately 2.718, and this date is written 2/7/18 in some parts of the world. e, also called Euler’s Number after the Swiss mathematician Leonhard Euler, is a very important constant that comes up in many different places in mathematics. The numer e was discovered by the Swiss [...]

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Can you find a simple proof for this statement?

I thought more about the last question I added into the addendum of the Numberphile, Graph theory and Mathematica post It can be succinctly stated as: $latex (\forall m\in\mathbb{Z}, m\ge 19) (\exists p,q\in\mathbb{Z}, 1\le p,q<m, p\ne q)$ such that $latex \sqrt{p+m}\in\mathbb{Z}$ and $latex \sqrt{q+m}\in\mathbb{Z} $. In words: For all integers [...]

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Some slightly more advanced topics on Mathemafrica

On Convergent Sequences and Prime Numbers An integral expression for n! Welcome to Reproducing Kernel Hilbert Space Fibonacci and the Golden Ratio Fibonacci and Binet Fibonacci and induction Pi and the Mandelbrot set Quantum computing Dependent types Type theory, logic and programming

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Posts in Shona, Sepedi and IsiXhosa and…

Ishango, Nyakubereka Svomhu (Shona) Mathematics or dreams, which is more real (Sepedi) Mathematics or dreams, which is more real (IsiXhosa) Your post?

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Book reviews

The Probability Lifesaver – by Steven J. Miller, a review The Princeton Companion to Applied Mathematics – a review The best writing on mathematics 2016, edited by Mircea Pitici – a review Philosophy of Mathematics, by Øystein Linnebo – A review, by Henri Laurie Ten Great Ideas about Chance – [...]

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The Strength in Numbers: The New Science of Team Science – By Barry Bozeman & Jan Youtie, a review

NB. I was sent this book as a review copy. From Princeton University Press If you want insights into what makes a good collaboration dream-like and a bad collaboration nightmarish, this is the book for you. In short, The Strength in Numbers details an extremely important piece of research, with [...]

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Graph Theory, Numberphile and Mathematica

Edit: I made a mistake with some of the language here. A comment from a true graph theorist: "Hamiltonian" usually means there's a hamilton/hamiltonian cycle. Graphs with a hamilton path are "traceable". Hamiltonian implies traceable, but not conversely. Thus, I have edited below accordingly. ------------------------------- There was a nice video [...]

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Welcome to Mathemafrica

If you're here from Juan Klopper's YouTube channel, then welcome! If you're not, then welcome! I wanted to point new readers to a few of the different types of posts that we have here on Mathemafrica. Please, if there are some topics that you would like us to write about, [...]

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