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Job advert: Resident Researcher in Mathematical Finance – AIMS South Africa Research Centre

Resident Researcher in Mathematical Finance – AIMS South Africa Research Centre

The African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) is an innovative, pan-African centre of excellence for post-graduate education, research and outreach which has achieved global recognition since opening its first centre in South Africa in 2003. AIMS centres offer a number of educational programs including a one-year taught Master’s program and postgraduate research. Each AIMS centre provides an intensive and broad education to over 50 African students each year and prepares them for leadership careers in academia, governance and industry. The AIMS educational program relies on top international lectures who teach in a  live-in learning environment.

Complementing the postgraduate academic programme at AIMS South Africa, located in Muizenberg, is the Research Centre whose mission is to conduct and foster outstanding research and learning in the mathematical sciences, thus contributing to the next generation of pan-African leaders in many spheres and the advancement of African science and academia within a multicultural environment.…

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A personal introduction

I write this before Mathemafrica publicly launches. I want to give a little background about myself, what I am doing now, and what I see as the potential for Mathemafrica.

I am originally from England, Oxford to be precise. From a very early age I was fascinated with the way the world worked, being that pestering, questioning child who won’t take ‘just because’ for an answer. I was very lucky to discover early on that not only were there fascinating questions to be asked, but answers when you knew the right places to look. I was lucky to have resources at my fingertips and museums just down the road where there were mysteries to be solved on every trip. My curiosity was not sated by reading books and so I went on to study physics at University. After four years and still hungry for more I thought that a PhD might finally put a stop to my questioning, but of course that only added to the arsenal of tools at my disposal for answering them.…

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