Conference in Topology, Algebra, Analysis and Geometry Mafikeng South Africa, 8-11 September 2015

The School of Mathematical Science , North West University (Mafikeng Campus), will host the annual conference  in Topology, Algebra, Analysis and Geometry on

8-11 September 2015, in honour of Professor Jamshid Moori, who turns 70 this year. This is roving conference between University of Namibia, University of Botswana, North-West University and University of South Africa. Please visit the following link for more details,

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Mathemafrica needs You!!

We would love to develop the content here, but for that we need your input!

Whether you are a first year university student starting to study varsity level maths, or you’re a PhD student working on your thesis, a lecturer who has many years of research behind you, somebody working in mathematics education, a high school student who has suddenly come across a particular idea which blew your mind, or perhaps confused you to no end, we would like to hear from you.

We would like people who feel inspired to write about what mathematics means to them, and the parts of mathematics which inspire them.

Importantly we would like diversity both in terms of the level of mathematics discussed here as well as the language used. So whether you’re an English speaker, a Shona speaker, a Xhosa speaker, an Arabic speaker or any other language speaker/writer, please feel free to write in whichever language you are most comfortable.…

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