While I resisted Mam1000W every single day, I even complained about how it isn’t useful to myself. Little did I know when it all finally clicked towards the end that even though I wasn’t going to be using math in my life directly, the methodology of thinking and applying helps me to this day.

Surviving Mam1000W isn’t really a miraculous thing. While everyone tends to make it seem like it’s impossible, it is challenging (Not hard) and I said that because I have seen first-hand that practice makes it better each time. Getting to know the principles by actually doing the tuts which is the most important element of the course in my opinion will make sure that even though you feel like you aren’t learning anything when the time comes (usually 2nd semester) it will all click on how you actually are linking the information together.

Another important aspect is playing the numbers game. You should remember that webassign counts as 2 quizzes which mean getting good scores for it (basically free scores most of the time) will balance your other test results. The “exam time” test is also a test so try not to think of it as the end of the world and leave other exams which actually count 50% aside (which some of my friends did and regret it). Lastly, get the bonus marks they will save you.

Here is how I did: 69, 55, 64, 59 (If I’m not mistaken) in my tests but my webassign average was 98. I got the [bonus] marks and guess what I got a 72 final mark.

To conclude, do your tuts, practice by yourself on paper and try not to lie to yourself by thinking you know it already ?

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