In high school, as I believe was the case for many students, there wasn’t much incentive to work very hard regularly on math – concepts were easy to grasp first hand in class. That’s the kind of attitude I brought towards MAM1000W last year (2017). Unfortunately things didn’t turn out as anticipated…by as early as April I had already started playing “catch-up” for I hadn’t been putting in any practice on the staff done in class. Tests were nightmares. With every course demanding its share of my attention, I found myself crying the other day alone in my room, asking myself, “what went wrong?”. Well, the answer was pretty simple – EVERYTHING.

Eventually, I figured a way to potentially get back on my feet – I became a very good friend of my WebAssign voluntary quizzes. In combination with past papers (WHICH I HIGHLY RECOMMEND) and the daily uploaded ‘practice questions and solutions’, I was able to gain back some bit of confidence. Lecture videos also played a vital role. As an Actuarial Science student I needed at least a 70% to get through without extending my degree.

Walking into my final exams my test average was only 64%. When I looked at my transcript and and saw that 82% for MAM1000W, I couldn’t help but just stare at it every morning when I wake up?

Now, lesson learnt, I’m doing MAM2000W and life is normal again?(with practice of course)

How clear is this post?