Part 2:

So one thing that really helped me was having a partner in tuts. We would do the tuts as far as we could and we would then try to help one another in the tuts and ask the tutors for help if there was a difference in opinion.

Another thing that helped studying, going through past papers and tuts were so important.

If I was ever stuck and couldn’t really understand the textbook I would go on YouTube and watch a guy named Professor Leonard.  He’s videos are super long but extremely helpful and worth your time.

And last but not least, it’s important that you try your best to work everyday with maths because once you fall behind its difficult to catch up. Even if you do just one problem a day I promise it will help In the future.

and part 3:


I would suggest to MAM1 students that they should not fall behind the maths syllabus if they have tests in other subjects because it is very difficult to catch it up and requires much more effort than one thinks. Instead, they must do the tutorials at the same pace as the lectures so they can find what they understand and what they don’t. I found that when I fell behind, I became complacent and did not attempt some of the tuts which would’ve helped in the long run. Having the information fresh in your brain from the lectures that week help when doing the tuts as opposed to having to read through notes from previous weeks to be able to answer a question.

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