Blogging from The Tenth Southern Hemisphere Conference on the Teaching and Learning of Undergraduate Mathematics and Statistics

Fransonet Ryneke from University of Pretoria

Over the last 10 years students in first year engineering have been in the 60-70% pass-rate bracket. Tried many interventions with little success.

New interventions:

  • Blended learning model
  • Student centred
  • Flipped classroom

If you want to innovate something, there must be a what, how and why!


  • APLIA Online homework system: 3 attempts to do homework.
  • Flipped classroom using APLIA as a pre-class assignment
  • MindTap and APLIA clickers

Just APLIA on its own didn’t make much difference, but APLIA with the flipped homework made a huge difference – a 12% increase.

A pre-class and a post-class assignment, youtube videos.

They write a clicker exam. Students answer all go into an excel file. The clicker seemed to make a difference in the final marks too.



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