Blogging from The Tenth Southern Hemisphere Conference on the Teaching and Learning of Undergraduate Mathematics and Statistics.

The zeroth day (before things really kick off with the talks) was both exciting and frustrating, with a group of lecturers and researchers from all corners of the Southern hemisphere, many of whom already knew each other from previous meetings. It seems to be an extremely friendly group, and drinks and snack flowed after registration opened yesterday evening.

The frustration came about because I was rather hoping that on speaking with people it would make choosing which talks to go to easier, but sadly everyone I spoke with seemed to be doing work that they were passionate about, and that was relevant to my own interest in mathematics education. I sit here on day 1 before the talks start none the wiser as to which talks to attend over the coming days, but pretty sure that it’s going to be an incredibly stimulating week.

How clear is this post?