With many thanks to Kechil Kirkham of Fine Music Radio’s Looking Up series on astronomy and cosmology (twitter feed here), I have a beautiful Galileoscope to give away.

The Galileoscope is a small telescope with the power to resolve Jupiter and the four Galilean moons, the finer features of our moon as well as Saturn’s rings and more besides.

We are offering this scope for the first person who sends in a translation of any of these blogposts:

Ishango, The Cradle of Mathematics
A Mathematics Problem from the SBITC
Mathematics or dreams, which is more real?

In any of the official languages of South Africa other than English and Afrikaans. If you send in a translation and are not the first, then we will ask your permission to post your translation, but you will be under no obligation. The winning translation will be posted on the blog.

We want to be quite open that we are running this competition to try and get Mathemafrica running in other languages. It is great that the readership is growing, but it would be excellent if it could reach a wider audience of those who are not necessarily native English speakers. Should you fancy contribution anything to the blog in any language, on a topic related to mathematics, we would be enormously grateful. We make nothing from this blog, but hope to be able to spread our passion for mathematics to a wide audience!

The winner will be the first entry in with a translation which is deemed understandable and clear by a native speaker of the language. I will post the Galileoscope to any address within South Africa.

Please send entries to info@mathemafrica.org

How clear is this post?