On Monday we worked hard to bring our Maths exhibition exhibition to the Next Einstein Forum venue, and to setup everything.  Find below a few pictures! It was hard, time was short, logistics was tricky, but: the venue is amazing! We got the prime spot of the venue, just right at the main entrance Рand the whole NEF organisation is very professional!

Find below some pictures of our “setup day”:


Packing all items (inside and on top of the car).


Mounting the exhibition (roll-ups, images on the wall, screens, touch-screens). A big part of the exhibition is about “Mathematics of Planet Earth”, we will also launch a new competition about open exhibits – so everybody can contribute with own exhibits.


The local NEF tech team help us to fix the images on the wall.


This is the final setup (the computers already turned off). On Tuesday, the exhibition start around 2 pm, in the morning the presidents of Senegal and Rwanda are expected to be at the NEF (and might also visit the exhibition)


This could be a good spot to take pictures… today many people already took selfies in front of our images.

We will keep you informed about the opening of the NEF (and our exhibition tomorrow).

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