So today we basically learnt about different ways to represent a function and we defined what a function is in detail.

First things first, what is a function?

A function is a rule that assigns each element x ( x being any independent variable ) in a set A exactly one element, f(x) ( f(x) being a dependent variable ) in a set B.

From that definition of a function we can now distinguish the different types of ways to represent a function.

I only know four ways, maybe there’s more… idk

  1. algebraically, with the use of an equation
  2. graphs
  3. tables
  4. or just in words

So we also learnt how to test if a graph represents a function. To do that you have to use the vertical line test. which means that anywhere within the domain of the graph if an x value has more than one f(x) value assigned to it then that graph does not represent a function.

Another thing I noticed was that the class was hesitant to accept that anything that wasn’t defined by an equation is a function. Which makes sense because we are not exposed to functions in that sense at school. On the other hand they kept challenging the lecturer until he could assure them that equations are not the only way of representing a function. Which is great because it shows we don’t just take what’s given to us as undeniable truth.

How clear is this post?