Life without Mathematics is indescribable. When I was still young my parents used to play lotto hoping that out of the blue they can become rich but every time they fail, one day my dad saw the poster of the ‘seer’ claiming that he can give people the perfect combinations of numbers so that they can win. For one year my parents went to him and those combinations failed. We did not know anything about mathematics, but now mathematics has opened not only our eyes but minds…..  The idea of Permutations and combinations, we actually realized that mathematics is not only about passing and getting scores but it is about making life simple and easy for everyone. Because of Mathematics my parents now know the possibilities of arranging 6 numbers out of 1 to 49.

I am a student but already the little that I know has save my family’s expenses and equipped them with the idea of factorials, combinations and permutations. Gracias.

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