Group Theory (lecture 1) by Robert de Mello Koch

Some ten (and change) years ago, the African Summer Theory Institute (ASTI) took place in Cape Town at UCT. This was a course designed for students to give them a taste of a number of topics related to theoretical physics. These lectures were all recorded, and I watched them at the time, never of course thinking for a moment that I would end up lecturing in the same venue a decade or so later. In particular, I remembered that the lectures by Robert de Mello Koch on Group Theory were some of the most pedagogically clear that I had ever seen. Sadly, the old ASTI website seems to be defunct, but the lectures can all be found on YouTube.

I wanted to start posting some of them here and see if people seem enthusiastic about me posting more. It would be great to have some comments on this post to let me know if you would like more of these, or of course if you have any questions or comments about the material itself.…

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Pi and the Mandelbrot set

For those studying calculus, can you see what Pi has to do with the Mandelbrot set? I’ll give you a hint, it has to do with certain integrals which you have almost certainly studied in class. We will have a post explaining exactly why this number pops up in this particular place, soon!

If you don’t know about the Mandelbrot set, take a look here, then have a look at the video above.

How clear is this post?
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